MIT’s Leadership Giving Society
“It’s my pleasure to both represent and rally this passionate group. We share so much and have so much to gain in meeting one another. Join us in celebrating MIT this year.”
Leslye Miller Fraser ’78, SM ’80 and
Darryl M. Fraser ’80
Chairs, William Barton Rogers Society
The William Barton Rogers Society honors a core group of philanthropists whose investment is critical to the Institute. By giving annually, these leaders make it possible for MIT to pursue its ambitious mission and bring astonishing ideas to life.
Leadership giving levels
graduated levels for early career alumni
“…MIT’s leadership-level donors echo William Barton Rogers’ passion and commitment.”
L. Rafael Reif
President of MIT
MIT’s founder and first president (b. 1804 d. 1882)

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Data as of June 2017:

880 are making Visionary-level gifts of $50,000 or more

340 are making Benefactor-level gifts between $25,000–$49,999

899 are making Ambassador-level gifts between $10,000–$24,999

1,195 are making Fellow-level gifts between $5,000–$9,999

1,838 are making Patron-level gifts between $2,500–$4,999

1,122 are making Associate-level gifts at a graduated scale
$2,500 for most donors

$1,000 for early career grads (classes 2007–2016)

$500 for very recent grads (classes 2017–2020)

$250 for current MIT graduate students

$100 for current MIT students
Yes, the matching gift will be credited to you in the fiscal year it is received. To find out more about your company’s matching gift program, use our Matching Gift Company Search, or contact your human resources or benefits office.
An MIT Fiscal Year starts July 1 and ends June 30.

“I am grateful for the support from so many in the MIT community who believe in this great institution and demonstrate their commitment through giving.”
L. Rafael Reif
President of MIT